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Claiming more democracy for citizens of Europe. The My!Europe Web Magazine is part of a cross-border project active in 7 different countries and on the web. Subscribe! - Join us!


Report on the My!Europe project

Citizens from 18 EU countries have participated in the My!Europe project and its final outcome, the “20 Recommendations For More Democracy in Europe”. The project was supported by a grant from the EU “Europe for Citizens” programme during a period of 18 months – from August 2015 to January 2017. This summary is part of project reporting.


Empty spaces invite populism

Extremism and populism are the result of a political system, which does not take debate, democracy and participation serious. This is the opinion of two MEPs who took part in the My!Europe seminar in the European Parliament.

Edward Emily Gibbon 2

Decline and Fall of our European Civilization?

In 1776 Edward Gibbon wrote a masterly history of the end of the Roman Empire. Jan Capek has read it and finds many parallels to modern Europe's many crises - and even to Brexit. We may be only 66 years away from total collapse...


Democracy is crucial

We will end up in Trump-land unless we decide for more democracy in Europe, said Jeppe Kofod  and other MEPs, when the My!Europe project's "20 Recommendations" were presented in the European Parliament.

Jeppe K ren 20141022 EP 011156 CCR 132

Have we lost control?

The European Parliament should be the guardian of openness and democracy in the EU, says Jeppe Kofod, Danish MEP, prior to a seminar in Parliament, where the My!Europe project will present "20 Recommendations For More Democracy in Europe" to parliamentarians.

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20 Recommendations - Why they are important

Ole Xmas summaryWhy are the "20 Recommendations For More Democracy in Europe" so important? Ole Aabenhus, consultant to the My!Europe project, argues in this Xmas video that democracy is the "sine qua non" - the element you cannot do without, if you want to transform the EU system. Click, look, listen, comment.


20 Recommendations For More Democracy in Europe

The My!Europe's final conference has summarised the 7 national conference into a document called "20 Recommendations For More Democracy in Europe". Read it here, in English and German.

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Getting to know TINA

Today's European Union is modelled on TINA - the idea that There Is No Alternative to neo-liberalism, free markets and capitalist globalization. The result has been a weaker Europe, said Bernard Naron at the Dutch My!Europe conference.

Folkemode Bornholm

Four ideas for further activities

Next week we have the final My!Europe recommendations on a more democratic European Union, after a 4-day conference - at Sonnenberg and in Hannover. What next?

klaas van egmond

Follow-up to My!Europe?

A Dutch group has written a memorandum on Europe and proposes a follow-up conference to the My!Europe project.

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XX recommendations on European democracy

The My!Europe project will prepare its final recommendations this coming week. "Europe needs a rethink" is the first sentence in the proposed text for a preamble. A ceremonial final presentation will take place in Hannover on Friday.

tusk juncker schulz

"Europe's heart and soul"

At the My! Europe conference in the Netherlands, participants were invited to write a letter to the next conference or the EU. One of the participants writes here on the three protagonists of the EU: Tusk, Juncker and Schulz.

x angela merkel 651563

Merkel, Malta, Feb. 3. 2017:

The history of recent years has shown that there will be a multi-speed EU and not all members will participate in the same steps of integration.


Lech Walesa: Populism

“We’ll either start taking democracy and freedom seriously, or Trump and his political allies will show us what doesn’t work and what needs to change,” Walesa said.


The democratic house is there. Move into it!

Danish MEP criticized "20 Recommendations". There is a structure already at hand, she said during My!Europe seminar in Brussels.

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Pirate Reda: Beware!

The pro-European forces do not understand the confidence crisis they are in, said Julia Reda, MEP from the German Pirate Party when she met a My!Europe group in the European Parliament in Brussels.


Read the 20 Recommendations ..

The "20 Recommendations For More Democracy In Europe" produced by the My!Europe Project can are found here, in English and German.

Photos, Final Conference

November 7

The final My!Europe conference took place at the Sonnenberg November 22-24 and ended in Hannover on the Nov. 25. - Here are some shots. More contributions are welcome.

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Jung und alt

In der niederländischen Sonnenbergtagung im Oktober 2016 sassen ältere Tagungsteilnehmer und Gymnasialschüler in gemeinsamen Gruppen und diskutierten, wie fern die EU oft vielen Menschen vorkommt, und wie man sie in...

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My!Europe Brochure

The My!Europe brochure has been shined up and can now be found on the net. It has got a special "teaser" in the right hand column of this page.