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Six refugees tell their stories

At the Sonnenberg TopTagung six refugees from St. Andreasberg, a nearby refugee reception center, told their stories, - terrible stories about the sufferings on the way to Europe.

Grass Ohrgaard

Per Øhrgaard: Germany's role in Europe

While the Germans always talk of a "European Germany", the figure of speech that Germany is "too small for the world, but too big for Europe" has got new life in other parts of the world. So said the Danish Professor Per Øhrgaard at the Sonnenberg TopTagung in early May.... 

Piotr Buras

Ein Pole über Deutschland: Tiefe Euro-Pessimismus

Es gibt Gründe für einen tiefen euro-pessimismus, meint Piotr Buras, Journalist und Leiter des Büros des European Council an Foreign Relations in Warschau. Er referierte auf dem My!Europe TopTagung auf dem Sonnenberg über Deutschlands Rolle – in einer polnischer Perspektive.

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Finn Rowold: Germany's role in Europe

Germany dominates Europe, whether you like it or not. That was the main conclusion of a conference on Sonnenberg about Germany's role in Europe today. There was praise for Angela Merkel in the refugee issue, but sharp criticism when it came to euro policy and Greece.

Young people need a platform on Europe

Many young people have a message on Europe, but they don't have a "stage to speak", says Karolin Dietrich, who is German, but studying in Riga, Latvia. She took part in the second My!Europe conference in Riga in December 2015 and had been invited to take part in the third one, at the University of Pardubice, the Czech Republic.

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Democracy Landsgemeinde Glarus 2009

Neue Fragen über die Europäische Demokratie

"Sind wir uns einig, dass die europäischen Bürger einen besseren Kontakt zur europäischen politischen Basis brauchen?" Und "Wie können wir europäische Verhältnisse auf der Basisstufe stimulierender und inklusiver machen?" Dies...

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Irena Krasnicka

Refugees: People are afraid of things they do not know

Why are the Czechs so sceptical when it comes to receiving just a minimum number of refugees in their country? Here is the answer of a person with special insight - she is special envoy on migration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And her answer is not too sceptical at all.

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dutch referendum

The Dutch Ukraine-referendum: Still too much dust in the air!

In the Netherlands, a major problem is the fast growing group of “anti-voters”, writes Ton Wachter about the Dutch "No" to EU's association agreement with Ukraine. Another Dutch referendum is already in the offing, he says – on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Pact with the U.S.

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Pardubice Feb2016 1461 kopi

Resistance to refugees in a country without refugees

"Fear was paired with annoyance and hatred against Germany, personified by Angela Merkel", writes Finn Rowold in this travel note from the Czech Republic

On being foreign, in Europe and beyond

Milena Oda is a Czech writer based in Germany and writing in German, but she had also had long stays in Egypt and the US. Her latest book "Nennen Sie mich Ausländer" (Call me a foreigner)... more.

Erich Sevcik COnf hall 2

Postcards, Pardubice

"Dear EU, I know you can make it", "Dear Europe, I don't trust you anymore", "Dear Europe, protect us from immigrants" – this is what some of the participants wrote on postcards at the My!Europe's conference in the Czech Republic – to be brought over to the German conference in May.

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4th conference on European democracy

Main concerns when participants at the 4th My!Europe conference mulled over the ideas and questions leading up the final My!Europe Declaration in November on democracy in Europe: Peace, voters' influence, refugees, transparency and more EU-contact to citizens.

euro parliament

Wie können Transparenz und politische Debatte in der EU verbessert werden?

Bericht einer Arbeitsgruppe: "Jeder und jede soll in der Lage sein, Informationen und Diskussionen über das Internet nachvollziehen zu können". Besuche beim Europa-Parlament sollen "weitgehend kostenfrei" sein, und Bürger/innen müssen verstärkt aktiv sein.

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Canterbury Nave Jul07 DP0394sAR800

Conflict resolution and the EU

The almost-unsolvable crisis in Cyprus will serve as an introductory conflict resolution case at the British Sonnenberg conference in Canterbury in August. Full program is now available.

Nikos Kotzias 2013 cropped

No values

Nikos Kotzias, Greek minister of foreign affairs: Since the great East European enlargement there has not been a single discussion on the value or the idea of Europe. I have only...

havel1 2088177c

Eine Reise nach Absurdistan -

Jan Čapek, Universität Pardubice, schreibt hier über Václav Havel als deutsch-tschechische und europäische Integrationsfigur

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Pardubice Photos

The My!Europe conference in Pardubice was short - only two days - but lively, as can be witnessed by the photos here.

ParduConf ALLE 2

129 participants from 11 countries

Ukraine, Belarus, Switzerland and Moldova were represented at the My!Europe conference last week in Pardubice, the Czech Republic. Here are some of  the 129 participants.