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The MyEurope! Web Magazine is part of a cross-border Sonnenberg project, with eight conferences in seven different countries on a democratic and social Europe. Read more!


Mehr Herz, mehr Bildung

Dies waren zwei der Schlüsselworte, als die Teilnehmer ihre Meinungen auf der niederländischen Konferenz, der letzten der sechs nationalen My! Europe Konferenzen,  zusammenfassten.

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Ton W portrait

The Netherlands in Europe: Leader or troublemaker?

Are "euroscepticists" just the usual troublemakers or is their criticism justified? So asks Ton Wachter in this introduction to the Dutch Sonnenberg Meeting 26th-30th October - the penultimate of seven My Europe conferences in seven European countries.

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Ki og gruppe

Bulgarien: Vier Gruppenarbeiten

 "Wenn wir die EU verbessern möchten, müssen wir selbst initiativ werden, denn die EU sind wir". So lautet die Konklusion einer Gruppenarbeit in Plovdiv, Bulgarien.

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Group work presentation 08 09 1611 09 AM

Brief an die niederländische My!Europe Konferenz

Was bedeutet es, ein Europäer zu sein? Dies war eine der Fragen, die Anfang dieses Monats an der bulgarischen My!Europe Konferenz diskutiert wurde. Ein anderer war die Transparenz, schreibt Violetta Gecheva in diesem Schreiben an die nächste Konferenz - in den Niederlanden 26-30 Oktober.

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Angelica Schwall Duren kopi

Five Steps To Make Europe More Social

Don’t talk about a European welfare state. Instead, a German politician suggests, we should think of EU minimum standards also in the social field.

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Bulg sep. 07 201611 48 AM

How do you FEEL about your national history?

Do you feel shame, anger, pride? And how do your national identity feelings correspond to history, asked professor Albena Taneva at a My!Europe conference. Young Bulgarians did not reach even 5 per cent positive identification with anything Bulgarian.

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photo verybig 172901

Bulgaria needs reform...

...and the key reform will be in education, says Bulgaria's former minister of education until February, now adviser to the prime minister. He has tough opinions on many aspects of Bulgarian society, including Roma and other minorities.

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Albena total

European values and the invisible network

Professor Albena Tanevaof the St. Kliment Ohridski University in Sofia tells a story about Bulgaria's strengths and weaknesses, its "invisible network" and the role of European values.

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Commission group2 0

Who should select the European Commission?

How could we rebuild the EU to create a more direct link to the ordinary citizen in all the member states? A proposal from the British My!Europe conference.

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Make more friends in Europe

There should be a framework to make it easier to make friends in other parts of Europe than one's own. This was suggested by a group at the My!Europe conference in Canterbury earlier this month. The American Host Program could serve as a model.

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el amein egypt commonwealth forces germany wwii

EU as a conflict solving mechanism

When the EU was born, it was an example of international conflict solution. But today, the EU is plagued by a host of unsolved conflicts, growing scepticism, and weak leadership. One proposal is to let national parliaments decide what should be EU matters, and what not.

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Help MEPs to improve EU-law on refugees

The Commission has proposed a law, which will speed up procedures in the EU – and help people smugglers to earn more. A British MEP told a My!Europe conference in Canterbury how we could all help the Parliament to get more emphasis on refugees' rights.

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More Europe, or less?

Von Anne Landmann Unsere Gruppe möchte mehr Europa, aber ein verändertes Europa. Besonders wichtig erscheint uns dabei bzw.

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The Brexit referendum had some characteristics unique to Britain. But we would be foolish to dismiss what the vote told us about the popular view of globalisation. It is a very negative assessment also widely shared across Europe.”

Donal Tusk, President of the European Council

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Bulg sep. 08 201610 34 AM

A British and a Bulgarian view

Should the EU take over powers from the national governments – or should it certainly not? This was one of the questions discussed in an English-language group at the Bulgarian...

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Violeta4 Portraet

Einwohnerbericht: Wie überlebt man in Bulgarien?

Ein junger Lehrer in Bulgarien verdient 300 € pro Monat. Wie kann man davon leben? Violeta Gecheva, Veranstalter der My!Europe-Konferenz in Plovdiv nächste Woche, erklärt.

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Kent We are European

Letter to Bulgaria

"We don’t know enough about the EU", writes one of the organizers of the My!Europe conference in Canterbury - Elin Bornemann, treasurer of the Sonnenberg Association of Great Britain -...

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