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The MyEurope! Web Magazine is part of a cross-border Sonnenberg project, with eight conferences in seven different countries on a democratic and social Europe. Read more!

Democracy Landsgemeinde Glarus 2009

New questions on European democracy

A new version of “Ideas and questions” for a Declaration on a more democratic Europe have just been released. Please consider such questions as “Should there be a better interaction between European citizens and the European political level?” and “How could we make European relations at grassroots level more stimulating and more inclusive?” Participation is open to all.

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borgerinitiativ finland

Borgernes initiativ bør afbureaukratiseres

Det er fint, at en million borgere kan stille forslag til EU, men systemet er for tungt og må moderniseres, så det bliver lettere at stille forslag, mener Finn Rowold i dette indlæg. Måske skal My!Europe udmøntes i et borgerinitiativ om et mere demokratisk Europa?

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Jan Hus CaptOne

Czechs: We feel looked down upon by fellow Europeans

Why are the Czechs so sceptical about European cooperation? If you ask around in Prague, one explanation is that the Czechs feel that they are being slighted by fellow Europeans. “You people just don’t understand! When we joined the EU, people in Brussels looked upon us as if we had just come of the jungle”.

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29 varoufakis r w

Wie sollte man über Varoufakis nachdenken?

Mit seinem DIEM25 (Democracy in Europe Movement)-Programm hat der ehemalige griechische Finanzminister Yanis Varoufakis die Welt in ein Für und ein Wider geteilt. Heide Manhartsberger, tätig in der Sonnenberg-Bewegung und My! Europe, bevorzugt das Für. Jan Capek, der die My!Europe-Konferenz in Pardubice in Tschechien im April organisiert, hat Bedenken. Wir bringen auch einen Blog von Sven Gielgold, MEP für die Grünen im Europäischen Parlament; diesen Blog hat Viola von Cramen, die Vorsitzende des Deutschen Sonnenberg-Kreises, mit uns geteilt.

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DIEM25 seminar

One very simple, but radical, idea…

Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek minister of finance, has presented a manifesto for a new platform: the ”Democracy in Europe Movement” with some concrete proposals for implementation – some immediately, some before 2025. The platform is supported by various left-of-centre organisations. Read more about the DIEM25 manifesto here.

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Varoufakis and friends

Varoufakis and friends – a light in the dark?

It was a show calling for democracy, but centred on only one person, when Yanis Varoufakis, the former finance minister in Greece presented his new movement DIEM 25 – the ”Democracy In Europe Movement by 2025”.

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Why not try Town Twinning?

"Friendships blossom and last over the years, and this is a wonderful way to get to know people from another European country really well", writes Maggie Tyrrell in this article.

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iProv webinar

Pardubice Webinar Freitag um 15.00 Uhr

Nehmen Sie an dem Webinar Teil, das die dritte My!Europe Konferenz folgen wird - in Pardubice, Tschechien.

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immigration square2

Battle over migration policies

The Czech Republic: The final program for the My!Europe conference in Pardubice is now out. One of the titles puts "Western Europe versus the Visegrad group".

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Comment on Social Europe paper

The Commission has launched a discussion paper on "social Europe", which is now "European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR)" in EU jargon. Read more about it on My!Europe's new  Facebook page.   Don't forget to like the page. We need it to get pushed up the Facebook priority algoritm.

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Folklore Festival Plovdiv Bulgaria

September in Plovdiv

Bulgaria will host the sixth My!Europe conference in the ancient city of Plovdiv, from September 6th to 9th, under the title „EU and Bulgaria – Love and... Calculation?“. Preliminary program now available.

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Pardubice Birds eye view

Czech conference: The Visegrad point-of-view

The My!Europe conference in April, in the Czech university town of Pardubice, will discuss Europe’s role in relation to the Czech Republic, but also to the other Visegrad countries, i.e. Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

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Schengen important to the Visegrad countries

Free movement is a priority for the four Visegrad countries, says the Czech foreign minister Lubomír Zaorálek (social democrat) in an article in the Social Europe web magazine. He calls for solidarity and support for frontline states, “especially Greece”.

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Putin hest

Putin will break the EU’s back

Link-story by Ole Aabenhus George Soros has written a very precise and thought-provoking article about the relationship between Russia, the EU and the Syria crisis.The leaders of the United States...

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vaclav havel


Hope is not the conviction something ends well, but the certainty, that something makes sense, no matter how it ends!

Vaclav Havel

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Riga logo

Riga: 43.000 people reached 
through social media

The My!Europe conference in Riga, organised by the Danish Cultural Institute to the Baltic states, has brought together 110 participants from 14 different countries and reached out to 43.000 through social media - to debate an issue which has been extremely polarized in all parts of Eastern Europe: Refugees. Read the conference report.

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Caroline Lucas UK Parliament

UK Referendum: We need 'values-based propositions', says Caroline Lucas

Link feed by Stuart Sweeney: 'White men in grey suits' dominate the EU debate, says Caroline Lucas, the first and only Green Party MP, in an article in The Guardian.

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hunde DavidVGoliath

Finn Rowold: David mod Goliat

Nytter det noget, at almindelige borgere mødes og taler sammen for at finde løsninger, når nu Europa er i krise? Finn Rowold, formand for den internationale Sonnenberg bevægelse og for My!Europe projektet, trækker tråde til myten om David og Goliath.

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Jaques Delors

Our government have forgotten that effectiveness and democracy require simplicity. In times of crisis we need firefighters, but also the architects.

Jacque Delors, president of the Commission 1985-95, to the La Croix newspaper, 2012

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