Photos, Final Conference

 The Final Conference, Sonnenberg:
"Rethinking Europe"

Nov. 22-24, 2016

November 3

Alberta Taneva, Sofia University, Bulgaria, spoke about "What has Europe ever done for us?"


Tarja Cronberg, peace and conflict researcher and a former minister and MEP,
reporting on the conference in Bornholm, Denmark.


Milena Ivano, teacher, Bulgaria, reporting from the Plovdiv conference


Jan Capek, University of Pardubice, the Czech Republic on the Czech conference

Ian Lutz

Ian King, Great Britain, on the Canterbury conference


Presentation of
"20 Recommendations for More Democracy in Europe",
Hannover, Nov 25, 2016

November 7

Martin Speer, half of the "Herr und Speer" duo that launched the #FreeInterrail" campaign
to let young people free transport around Euope, when they turn 18.

November 8

November 9

Link-up from Berlin


At the üstra Remise, Hannover, where the final session of the final conference was held.

20 Recommendations

Photos: Johanne Buur Bruntse and Ole Aabenhus

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