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Die My!Europe-Konferenz fängt im Internationales Haus Sonnenberg an

By Ole Aabenhus
At the moment, the paper is called "XX recommendations on more democracy in Europe" because we won't know precisely how many recommendations there will finally be, until Thursday.

But from Tuesday to Thursday there will be a conference at Sonnenberg called "Rethinking Europe", and during this conference representatives of all 7 national conferences - in Denmark, Latvia, The Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Bulgaria and The Netherlands - will finalise the document of the My!Europe project.

The proposed paper was once called a "Declaration", but the Project Steering Committee has proposed a name change. Declaration sounds a bit too formal, so the present proposal is to talk of so-and-so many "recommendations".

The draft for a final set of recommendations has been prepared by a group in Copenhagen called The Copenhagen Coffee Club (Finn Rowold, Tarja Cronberg, Rikke Posborg, Erik Nordahl Svendsen, Ole Aabenhus) on behalf of the steering committee. The draft has been through a first reading by coordinators of all the seven conferences.

3 sections
The paper has three sections, just like the questions we have been working with have had three sections almost from the beginning of the project:
A. Active citizenship
B. Transparency, the rule of law and human rights
C. A clearer political framework

Active citizenship comprises recommendations on Education. Civil society activities. Political festivals. Travel support. Grant foundations. Changes to the ECI (European Citizens' Initiative). National citizens' initiatives. Experiments in democracy.

Transparency, the rule of law and human rights is a bit shorter. It has recommendations on Council transparency. Commission transparency. Lobbyist transparency. Balanced lobbying. Whistle-blowers. Emphasis on the Copenhagen Criteria

A clearer political framework is about Direct election system (Commission). Elections across Europe. Right of initiative for the European Parliament. National competences vs. supranational competences. Separation of powers. The "Ever deeper" principle.

The recommendations proposal can be read here - or you can find them under "Papers to read" in the right hand column of the site.

Even if you don't participate at Sonnenberg, you are welcome to comment. Please prepare precise proposals for alterations (changes to existing texts or additions) and send them to editor.myeurope@gmail.com.

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