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Bulgarien: Vier Gruppenarbeiten

 "Wenn wir die EU verbessern möchten, müssen wir selbst initiativ werden, denn die EU sind wir". So lautet die Konklusion einer Gruppenarbeit in Plovdiv, Bulgarien.

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Group work presentation 08 09 1611 09 AM

Brief an die niederländische My!Europe Konferenz

Was bedeutet es, ein Europäer zu sein? Dies war eine der Fragen, die Anfang dieses Monats an der bulgarischen My!Europe Konferenz diskutiert wurde. Ein anderer war die Transparenz, schreibt Violetta Gecheva in diesem Schreiben an die nächste Konferenz - in den Niederlanden 26-30 Oktober.

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Bulg sep. 07 201611 48 AM

How do you FEEL about your national history?

Do you feel shame, anger, pride? And how do your national identity feelings correspond to history, asked professor Albena Taneva at a My!Europe conference. Young Bulgarians did not reach even 5 per cent positive identification with anything Bulgarian.

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Bulg sep. 08 201610 12 AM

Photos: Plovdiv conference

Ki Saenger's pictures from the My!Europe conference in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Sept 6-8, 2016,are now on Flickr. To see them, click here, go to the Plovdiv Album, and you'll find 85 pictures.

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Bulgaria needs reform...

...and the key reform will be in education, says Bulgaria's former minister of education until February, now adviser to the prime minister. He has tough opinions on many aspects of Bulgarian society, including Roma and other minorities.

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Albena total

European values and the invisible network

Professor Albena Tanevaof the St. Kliment Ohridski University in Sofia tells a story about Bulgaria's strengths and weaknesses, its "invisible network" and the role of European values.

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