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The My!Europe project will run six conferences in 2016 – so check if there is not a conference near you, or in a country, which will interest you. Two have already taken place, in Denmark and in Latvia.

The 2016 schedule is as follows:

7.-8. April
in Pardubice, the Czech Republic.
Details here.
Contact: Jan Capek, mail:

4.-8. May
at International House Sonnenberg, Skt. Andreasberg, Deutschland.
The theme: Germany’s role in Europe.
Contact: Lutz Heinke, mail:

31. Juli – 8. August
at the University of Kent, Canterbury, Great Britain. 
There will be two themes, and you may choose to participate in both, or only one of them:
1st part: Conflict and conflict solution (Program in English, German)
2nd part: Challenges for the EU: Democracy, human rights, the referendum (Program in English, German).
Contact: Stuart Sweeney, mail:

6.-7. September
in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Conference program In German here and in English here.
Article "September in Plovdiv" here.
Contact: Violetta Gecheva, mail:

26.-30 Oktober
in Soesterberg, near Amersfoort, in the Netherlands.
Theme: The Netherlands in Europe: Leading country or querulous nation?
Program in English here, in German here.
Contact: Ton Wachter, mail:

22.-25. November
in Germany, organised by ISA (the International Sonnenberg Ass.) and the German Sonnenberg e.V.
Theme: Final conference, final editing of the My!Europe Declaration on democracy in a more social Europe
Program: here.

logo Europe for CitizensThe My!Europe project, which is financed by the EU’s Europe for Citizens programme, will wind up in January 2017 with a seminar at the European Parliament in Brussels, hosted by Danish MEP Jeppe Kofod. Other MEPs who have taken part in the My!Europe conferences, will be invited to co-sponsor the event.