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MyEurope web-magasinet er en del af Sonnemberg-bevægelsen, med otte konferencer i syv forskellige lande. Læs mere!


Allinge Report: Write a letter!

Groups should keep the next My!Europe conference in mind and perhaps even write a letter summing up their discussions. That is one of the recommendations in a report from the first My!Europe conference.

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What is the European dream about?

The European dream, participatory European democracy and Europe's social values were the main themes at a half-hour webinar (seminar-on-air) on Friday, Sept. 11, 2015 that wound up week-long discussions at the My!Europe conference in Allinge, Bornholm, Denmark. - Click for summary or to see video.

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Rowold Bornholm 1453

Sonnenberg’s tasks in Europe today

Refugees, lack of solidarity, euroscepticism – as ordinary citizens we have to respond to a series of challenges. Can we? Does the Sonnenberg movement have an answer? These were questions raised by ISA chairman Finn Rowold at the My!Europe conference on the island of Bornholm, Denmark

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Margot Winkler 2015

Freiheit und Demokratie müssen verteidigt werden

OPINION: Ich würde mir wünschen, wenn wir in Sonnenberg- und den My!Europe-Tagungen uns auch mehr kritisch mit Problemen der Zuwanderung auseinandersetzen würden. – Margot Winkler, Berlin.

Jean Louis David Tennis Court Oath

Er demokratiet forandret?

"Dybest set handler demokrati om magt, men demokratiets rolle har ændret sig gennem historien i forhold til de eksisterende magtstrukturer," siger Ole Aabenhus i en artikel på sin blog, hvor...

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Immigration debate in Latvia heating up

Admitting 250 asyl seekers has created protests that shake Latvia’s coalition government. Meanwhile the country’s population shrinks because more than 200.000 have emigrated

Dome Theis Kofoed HJorth

Local democracy meets Europe

How can a local government and local civil society work influence Europe, while at the same time adding a European perspective to local functions? This is the over-all theme of...


Preparing a My!Europe Declaration is the center piece of the My!Europe project.Therefore the ideas to be involved will be discussed and developed at conferences in 7 different countries and also...

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Gabriel Macron CGoox1YWwAAJ4sr

Can’t wait

Ole Aabenhus: Social democratic top brass from Germany and France outline future of Europe in old article. In the picture: Macron and Gabriel.

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Heide Manhartsberger Bornholm SonnBerg 1426


For myself I try to find partners who do not tell me why something does not work.
I like to work together with those who look at the problems and try to solve as good as they can.

Heide Manhartsberger

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Wir stehen auf nationaler Ebene nahezu machtlos der Globalisierung gegenüber. Um hier wirksam handeln zu können, müssen wir Teile unserer Souveränität abgeben.

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British Flag wiki

New option for Britain being aired by France

Maybe we will see a two-level Europe in the future - ? This could be a win-win situation, says a leading figure in the French government, on the one hand for Britain, on the other for France, Germany and other euro-zone countries. Similar ideas have been aired by a spokesman for British Labour.

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Erfolgversprechende Starttagung

Bericht über die Europa-Tagung 2015 des Internationalen Haus Sonnenberg auf Bornholm (Allinge). Von Hasso Rosenthal.

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Flygtninge Linke Flickr

Der Schutz universeller Bürgerrechte ist einer der Gründungsimpulse der Europäischen Union.
Versagt Europa in der Flüchtlingsfrage, geht diese enge Bindung mit den universellen Bürgerrechten kaputt, und es wird nicht das Europa sein, was wir als Gründungsmythos auch heute weiterentwickeln müssen.

Angela Merkel, press conference August 31, 2015

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Sigmar Gabriel

Europe should manage its borders – together

German SPD-leaders work out a 10-point planon coping with the refugee crisis

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Folkemøde 2015 / Concito

100.000 visit political festival

100.000 people visited the political festival at Allinge, Bornholm, Denmark, this year, and this is a new record for the popular Summer event, which has taken place in June every...