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MyEurope web-magasinet er en del af Sonnemberg-bevægelsen, med otte konferencer i syv forskellige lande. Læs mere!

Ian King

Ian King on Brexit

"The people have spoken – the bastards!" were the concluding words, when Ian King, vice-chair of the Sonnenberg Association of Great Britain, presented his view on the British referendum on June 23 at the SAGB's My!Europe conference at the University of Kent, Canterbury, over the weekend.

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Fryer national day of action

What happened to the "Refugees Welcome" attitude?

At the My!Europe conference in Canterbury this weekend, Johanathan Fryer, a leading Liberal Democrat tried to explain.

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Vernon Bogdanor

There could still be a second referendum in Britain – if EU leaders listen

There is still hope for the EU. Even the danger of Brexit may be avoided, writes Ian King from the Sonnenberg Association of Great Britain, SAGB.He notes that the new...

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Democracy lessons from Brexit: Take control – discuss and agree

How democratic are referendums, after all? A referendum like that on Brexit, could never have taken place in e.g. Denmark or Australia. "It isn't democracy; it is Russian roulette", says one analyst.

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svetoslav malinov

Bulgarians and the EU

I asked a Bulgarian MEP how Bulgarians look at the EU, and I wrote the following notes the next evening, says Ole Aabenhus. It's about young people, Turks and refugees and about corruption.

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Schulz’ Vision: Time for a European government

The Speaker of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, has called for a government like we know it in the member states top replace the existing EU-Commission

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Sveti Kliment Ohridski 460x250

Wir sind nach Hause nach Europa gekommen

Der Beitritt zur EU im Jahr 2007 war wie auf eine Jahrhunderte lange europäische Tradition wieder anzuschließen, erklärt einer der Redner auf der "Liebe... oder Kalkül" Konferenz in Plovdiv, Bulgarien, im September (Siehe Join our Conferences in der rechten Spalte).

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Cameon rIMG 1713 kopi 2

Democracy after Brexit

A crisis is always a possibility for a new start, and in the Brexit crisis lies the possibility of a more democratic EU, says this analysis

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Queen Brexit Sun 2

King: Was nun für die britische Politik?

Die EU ist in ihren Grundfesten erschüttert, eine schmerzliche Scheidung steht bevor. Pfund und Aktienmärkte sind im freien Fall. Premier Cameron ist zurückgetreten und ein Putschversuch gegen Oppositionschef Jeremy Corbyn läuft. Die Briten leben in interessanten Zeiten – auch und gerade die 48 Prozent, die für den EU-Verbleib gestimmt haben.

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Antoni Gaudi Casa Batllo in Barcelona Stock Photo

The podium was 25 metres away....

The European Commission held a large-scale conference on EU citizenship and democracy in Barcelona – while the Europe for Citizens program is being cut. Finn Rowold reports from the event.

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xEuropeans Leaders Ue

EU-scepticism now close to 50/50

47 per cent are sceptical of the EU, and only 51 per cent are favourable. That is the main resultat of an easy-to-grasp survey of 10 European countries just before Brexit. But if you look solely at the young, the picture is different and much more positive.

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EP 2 IMG 0994

Brexit set fra en plads i Bruxelles

Sidder på Place de Londres i Bruxelles. Et mylder af mennesker . Fælles for alle en afhængighed af en union, som er i krise, skriver Tarja Cronberg i dette stemningsbillede fra Unionens centrum.


Schäuble: Commission?

Wenn die Kommission nicht mittut, dann nehmen wir die Sache selbst in die Hand, lösen die Probleme eben zwischen den Regierungen.

If the Commission will not work along with us, then we will take the matter in our own hands, and just solve the problems between the governments. 

Wolfgang Schäuble, Welt am Sonntag, July 3, 2016

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Plovdiv balkan 1

Love and ... calculation?

The My!Europe conference in Bulgaria in September will discuss a current topic: "Emotional and rational dimensions of our attitudes towards the EU". The conference will take place in Plovdiv, an ancient city renowned for its beauty and climate and today the second largest in the country.

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