What should be Germany's new role?


At the Sonnenberg TopTagung conference in May, blogger Manuel Müller presented a Powerpoint with a series of interesting quotes from German statesmen and intellectuals the role of Germany in the EU.

The Power Point can be seen here, in a revised version.

Manuel Müller runs the "(European) Federalist" blog (Der (europäische) Föderalist). Here he writes about the British referendum, stating that a repeat of the event would end with a "neverendum".

The most important lesson of the referendum, he says, is that "The project of European unification is only convincing if you take it seriously - if one is willing to join a political community and work towards a unity and a democracy that does not stop at national borders. The half-hearted attempt, to make the EU a tasty dish for voters by show-stopping the on-going integration will never be a success, because at the end there will always be populists, who are even better than yourself at nationalistic rhetoric".

Manuel Müller did Spanish studies at universities in Bamberg, Granada and Berlin. He is a coordinator of the French-German research projekt "Europe as a Challenge" (Saisir lʼEurope – Europa als Herausforderung).

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