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Empty spaces invite populism

Extremism and populism are the result of a political system, which does not take debate, democracy and participation serious. This is the opinion of two MEPs who took part in the My!Europe seminar in the European Parliament.

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May schürt Fremdenfeindlichkeit

Britische Konservative wollen Arbeitsmigranten das Leben schwer machen und versprechen den Arbeitern Hilfe schreibt Ian King in seiner Analyse der konservativen Parteikongress in Grossbritannien.

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Who should select the European Commission?

How could we rebuild the EU to create a more direct link to the ordinary citizen in all the member states? A proposal from the British My!Europe conference.

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Make more friends in Europe

There should be a framework to make it easier to make friends in other parts of Europe than one's own. This was suggested by a group at the My!Europe conference in Canterbury earlier this month. The American Host Program could serve as a model.

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EU as a conflict solving mechanism

When the EU was born, it was an example of international conflict solution. But today, the EU is plagued by a host of unsolved conflicts, growing scepticism, and weak leadership. One proposal is to let national parliaments decide what should be EU matters, and what not.

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Help MEPs to improve EU-law on refugees

The Commission has proposed a law, which will speed up procedures in the EU – and help people smugglers to earn more. A British MEP told a My!Europe conference in Canterbury how we could all help the Parliament to get more emphasis on refugees' rights.

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Ian King

Ian King zum Brexit

"Die Menschen haben gesprochen – die Bastarde!" waren die Schlussworte, als Ian King - stellvertretender Vorsitzender des Sonnenberg Vereins von Großbritannien, seine Sichtweise auf das britische Referendum am 23. Juni auf der SAGB's My!Europe Konferenz in der Universität Kent, in Canterbury, darlegte.