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EU-scepticism now close to 50/50

47 per cent are sceptical of the EU, and only 51 per cent are favourable. That is the main resultat of an easy-to-grasp survey of 10 European countries just before Brexit. But if you look solely at the young, the picture is different and much more positive.

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Better off Out

Ein Leitfaden zum Referendum des Vereinigten Königreiches

Da ich immer ein Befürworter eines vereinten Europas gewesen bin, aus philosophischen Gründen aber auch aus wirtschaftlichen Gründen, ist meine Hauptsorge das unbekannte Ausmaß des Austritt-Abkommens dass wir bekommen würden, schreibt Stuart Sweeney.

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Cameron's gamble

David Cameron, the British premier minister, seems to have averted a major confrontation with the other EU leaders over a package of changes in EU policies. Reportedly, European leaders supported a restriction on in-work benefits, which is one of Cameron's most important demand.

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EU referendum: Date still unclear

Link feed by Stuart Sweeney:
We still don't know when the referendum on UK membership of the EU will take place, but it seems likely it will be in 2016. While “Yes” to stay in is still ahead, one recent poll suggests “No” voters are more likely to turn out on the day. So, it is a close run thing at present.

This Guardian article looks at how voting patterns may vary around the UK. Polling experts believe Britain could remain in the EU thanks to votes from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales countering EU sceptic votes in England.

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Konfliktlösung und die EU

Die fast unlösbare Zypern-Krise dient als einführende Fallstudie bei der britischen Sonnenberg-Tagung im August an der Universität Kent in Canterbury. Ein vollständiges Programm ist nun vorhanden


Why not try Town Twinning?

"Friendships blossom and last over the years, and this is a wonderful way to get to know people from another European country really well", writes Maggie Tyrrell in this article.

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AGM April 23

The Sonnenberg Association of Great Britain will hold its Annual General Meeting on Saturday, April 23rd in Marchmont St. Community Centre, 62 Marchmont St, London WC1N 1AB.

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Brexit-history on BBC-Two tonight

The least needed of all the crises that keep haunting Europe at the moment, is Brexit, but tonight at BBC-Two at 9 pm reporter Nick Robinson will at least tell the story from Churchill and up. "Them Or Us: An Island Apart". More on Facebook. Note the address:, and give it a like.

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Caroline Lucas UK Parliament

UK Referendum: We need 'values-based propositions', says Caroline Lucas

Link feed by Stuart Sweeney: 'White men in grey suits' dominate the EU debate, says Caroline Lucas, the first and only Green Party MP, in an article in The Guardian.

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