Important papers-2

A brief introduction to the My!Europe project

Final recommendations, prepared at International House Sonnenberg, Germany, November 2016
20 Recommendations For More Democracy in Europe
20 Empfehlungen für mehr Demokratie in Europa

An outline in question form for discussion at the Dutch My!Europe Conference, October, 2016, in English and German:
Ideas/Questions for a My!Europe Declaration, as per October 18, 2016 (ENGLISH):
- Questions only.
- Appendix (questions + reference and background material).

Ideen/Fragen für eine My!Europe-Deklaration, per 18. Oktober 2016 (DEUTSCH):
- Fragen.
- Anhang (Fragen + Referenz- und Vertiefungsmaterial).

An outline originally prepared for the conference on Bornholm, Denmark, in September 2015, redrafted for the Riga Conference in April, 2016:
- Thoughts and Questions vers. 2.0 (December 2015)