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The My!Europe project will run six conferences in 2016 – so check if there is not a conference near you, or in a country, which will interest you. Two have already taken place, in Denmark and in Latvia.

The 2016 schedule is as follows:

7.-8. April
in Pardubice, the Czech Republic.
Details here.
Contact: Jan Capek, mail:

4.-8. May
at International House Sonnenberg, Skt. Andreasberg, Deutschland.
The theme: Germany’s role in Europe.
Contact: Lutz Heinke, mail:

31. Juli – 8. August
at the University of Kent, Canterbury, Great Britain. 
There will be two themes, and you may choose to participate in both, or only one of them:
1st part: Conflict and conflict solution (Program in English, German)
2nd part: Challenges for the EU: Democracy, human rights, the referendum (Program in English, German).
Contact: Stuart Sweeney, mail:

6.-7. September
in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Conference program In German here and in English here.
Article "September in Plovdiv" here.
Contact: Violetta Gecheva, mail:

26.-30 Oktober
in Soesterberg, near Amersfoort, in the Netherlands.
Theme: The Netherlands in Europe: Leading country or querulous nation?
Program in English here, in German here.
Contact: Ton Wachter, mail:

22.-25. November
in Germany, organised by ISA (the International Sonnenberg Ass.) and the German Sonnenberg e.V.
Theme: Final conference, final editing of the My!Europe Declaration on democracy in a more social Europe
Program in English here (Rethinking Europe), in German here (Europa neu denken)

logo Europe for CitizensThe My!Europe project, which is financed by the EU’s Europe for Citizens programme, will wind up in January 2017 with a seminar at the European Parliament in Brussels, hosted by Danish MEP Jeppe Kofod. Other MEPs who have taken part in the My!Europe conferences, will be invited to co-sponsor the event.