About My!Europe

europe alle farver 1 My!Europe is a project for ordinary people who want a more democratic and a more social Europe.

On the ground it will consist of eight conferences in seven different countries – Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, and the Netherlands.

 In addition it’s a project that invites people from all over Europe to participate on the internet, via the My!Europe web magazine.

 The task that binds the project together is the preparation of a joint statement called the My!Europe Declaration. Participants in one conference will draft their own contribution or re-draft what was prepared before, and all contributions will be submitted to the final conference, which will take place in Germany in November 2016.

For Thoughts and Questions in preparation of the Declaration, see here. 

Down the road, politicians at national and EU-level will join the discussions, and the final text will be submitted to the European Parliament in January 2017.