Bulgaria want to join euro, Schengen

Tomislav D

Tomislav Donchev, Deputy Prime Minister

Brexit makes it even more important for Bulgaria to work towards greater integration in relation to the European.  "My wish is for Brexit to bring a mobilizing and consolidating effect", says Tomislav Donchev, Bulgaria's young Deputy Prime Minister, in an interview with the Bloomberg news agency.

Bulgaria's economy is strong enough to join the euro, he says. Bulgaria's public debt is at 27 percent of gross national product (GNP), well below the EU limit of 60 percent. It's budget deficit is forecast at 1.9 percent of GNP – while the EU permits a ceiling of 3 percent.

Also, Bulgaria wants to join the Schengen. "Bulgaria wasn’t admitted for political reasons", says Tomislav Donchev, "and ironically, now guards one of the EU’s external borders under the heaviest pressure from migrants".

He reconfirms that the Bulgarian government wants to see the EU-agreement with Turkey, designed to curb the flow of migrants from the Middle East via Greece and Bulgaria, come true soonest possible.

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