Letter for the Dutch conference

Group work presentation 08 09 1611 09 AM

Dear participants
at the My! Europe conference in the Netherlands.

Our meeting in Bulgaria in the town of Plovdiv has just ended. We have dealt with many questions about the EU, with its institutions, our belonging to Europe, with our national or European identity.

What does it mean to be a European? This question had a central place in our conference.

Are you of the opinion that there is a European identity, a pan-European culture? Do you feel it you as a part of?

During the discussions, other points have emerged, affecting the distribution of EU funds.

We felt that this is not very fair. Smaller countries such as Bulgaria feel disadvantaged when it comes to taking part in EU projects or take over the management and coordination of such projects. The financial resources, which our country has available for such projects, are very low. How are you all doing? Do you also feel disadvantaged?

Another point in the discussion was the transparency and the access to the EU institutions. Here we think that there is also a need for action. We do not know what our Bulgarian members do, or what is discussed in the different committees.

We want to be informed. Do you feel likewise?

These are only some of the questions that we have discussed and now pass on to you. Maybe you and we have similar concerns and are dealing with similar problems.

The many interesting lectures and presentations as well as the experience and examples presented by the participants have also contributed to our extremely lively and fruitful discussions.

Despite the diverse opinions and ideas we were agreed on one point - the future Europe needs our commitment and voice, to get things moving. We wish you a good and successful cooperation, too, and hope that the common results can lead to new ways forward.

Best wishes
from the Bulgarian My! Europe conference!


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