Edward Emily Gibbon 2

Decline and Fall of our European Civilization?

In 1776 Edward Gibbon wrote a masterly history of the end of the Roman Empire. Jan Capek has read it and finds many parallels to modern Europe's many crises - and even to Brexit. We may be only 66 years away from total collapse...

Young people need a platform on Europe

Many young people have a message on Europe, but they don't have a "stage to speak", says Karolin Dietrich, who is German, but studying in Riga, Latvia. She took part in the second My!Europe conference in Riga in December 2015 and had been invited to take part in the third one, at the University of Pardubice, the Czech Republic.

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Jan Oda

My! Europe aneb Zapojme se do dění v Evropě

Současné dění v Evropě a migrační krize stále hýbou světem. Tímto tématem se zabývala i mezinárodní konference, kterou v rámci evropského projektu „My!Europe“ zorganizovalo Sonnenbergské sdružení ČR ve spolupráci s...

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Irena Krasnicka

Refugees: People are afraid of things they do not know

Why are the Czechs so sceptical when it comes to receiving just a minimum number of refugees in their country? Here is the answer of a person with special insight - she is special envoy on migration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And her answer is not too sceptical at all.

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Webinar Pardubice


This is a test version. The video is there in its entire length, but some text and some clips will follow.

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Resistance to refugees in a country without refugees

"Fear was paired with annoyance and hatred against Germany, personified by Angela Merkel", writes Finn Rowold in this travel note from the Czech Republic