A more transparent and democratic EU

Mirca Raicu Pardubice

By Mircea Raicu
Finding solutions for the current EU crises was never an easy task for the European political establishments. The difference of opinions, experiences, interests and perceptions regarding the refugee crisis brought the EU project into a deadlock. All around the European community the questions about the future of Europe exceed in importance the questions about the present.

Intending to bring a pan-European way of thinking as an alternative to the nationalist approach, the discussions which we held in our group were focused on the need of saving the EU from the current stalemate.

Therefore, the group agreed on the fact that the EU has to be more credible for the ordinary European citizens, and this credibility depends on whether the EU can enhance its transparency.

The question of transparency of the EU policy making is far from new. However, the group succeeded in drafting several proposed solutions, which might help to improve the EU’s credibility.

The conclusion was, that the implementation of a comprehensive and explanatory education program about the history of the European community and its evolution would make the EU more understandable, and the young generations to come should have a clearer perception of what is the essence of the EU.

In addition, the following issues were stressed:
- Granting the public and the media access to the key-moments of the EU decision making such as the European Council and Summits.
- Allowing the access of European citizens to EU documents – as long these documents do not refer to security issues.
- Regulating the laws on lobbyism by registration of EU officials’ interests and publication of their diaries.
- Protection of whistle-blowers by a comprehensive and fair European law.

These measures represented the common ground, which our group succeeded to establish – in spite of the diversity of its members’ approaches. But the EU is diverse as well and rather than to be considered as a weakness, this quality should be perceived as a uniqueness.

We as Europeans have the precious chance to learn from one another and to improve as a whole.

This is the way we can delete the existing borders in our thinking, this is the way to keep the EU free of physical borders.  

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