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Die britische My!Europe Konferenz fand an der University of Kent, Canterbury, statt, unter dem Titel "Herausforderungen für die EU".

"We don’t know enough about the EU", writes one of the organizers of the My!Europe conference in Canterbury - Elin Bornemann, treasurer of the Sonnenberg Association of Great Britain - in a "Letter to the next conference", - i.e. the conferences in Bulgaria in early September (to be followed by conferences in the Netherlands in October and in Germany in November (see "Join our conferences" in the right-hand column)).

She writes:

Dear future conference participants!

We have just discussed various questions about the EU, but we found this: we don’t know enough about the EU. Who sits in the European Parliament? What does the Parliament do? And the Commission? And why do we have the Council of Europe and the European Council? And who does what?

My schooldays were a long time ago, I learnt something about this at school, but I’ve forgotten it all. For others, their schooldays were more recent, but they’ve forgotten as well. While we were discussing we had to look up everything on the internet.

How about you? Are you well informed about the structure of the EU? How can you achieve it that people are better informed? Perhaps people need to be more interested in the EU. But how can you convince people that the EU is interesting and relevant to them?

We haven’t got any answers. We didn’t find it that interesting ourselves. Do you have any ideas?

Many greetings from the British My!Europe conference!

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