Important papers-2

A brief introduction to the My!Europe project
Project brochure

Final recommendations, prepared at International House Sonnenberg, Germany, November 2016,
in English, German and Danish:
20 Recommendations For More Democracy in Europe
20 Empfehlungen für mehr Demokratie in Europa
20 anbefalinger om mere demokrati i Europa

An outline in question form for discussion at the Dutch My!Europe Conference, October, 2016, in English and German:
Ideas/Questions for a My!Europe Declaration, as per October 18, 2016 (ENGLISH):
- Questions only.
- Appendix (questions + reference and background material).

Ideen/Fragen für eine My!Europe-Deklaration, per 18. Oktober 2016 (DEUTSCH):
- Fragen.
- Anhang (Fragen + Referenz- und Vertiefungsmaterial).

An outline originally prepared for the conference on Bornholm, Denmark, in September 2015, redrafted for the Riga Conference in April, 2016:
- Thoughts and Questions vers. 2.0 (December 2015)