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By Ole Aabenhus
Hosting the second My!Europe conference on Thursday and Friday, the Danish Cultural Institute in Riga will stream the entire proceedings as well as the following webinar. At least 100 participants are expected from Estonia, Latvia and Lithania.

In case you would like to take part in the webinar – i.e. post questions or comments – this can be done on Facebook.

Like in the case of the Danish conference in September, this webinar will give a half-hour conclusion as of the conference. But in Riga they have invented a second way of bringing their ideas across to the following conference: Postcards. There will be about 10 groups, and each one will be asked to produce one or more “postcards”, passing on their conclusions in an easy-to-understand and coherent form.

The third My!Europe conference will take place at the University of Pardubice, The Czech Republic, on April 7-8, 2016.

Streaming times
The over-all theme of the Riga conference will be Migration seen in a both a refugee perspective and a labour migration perspective. The conference will start on Thursday at 12 noon with “voices from the real world” (a labor migrant and a refugee telling their stories) as well as formal greetings.

Inputs from speakers: 12.45 to 15.45. After that: Group work, ending with a plenum at 16.35.

Friday morning there will be introductions 9.30, again followed by group work.

There will be inputs from the Latvian “Mana Balss” (My Voice) initiative both Thursday and Friday. As reported earlier in these pages, the Mana Balss is a digital citizens’ initiative, where 10.000 electronic signatures can have a citizens’ proposal for a new law or a law amendment placed on the agenda of the Latvian Parliament.

To follow the live streaming, click this link to the University of Latvia’s video streaming service.

Questions and comments should be posted on the MyEurope Baltics Facebook page.

Programme: Migration – Refugees and Labor
The National Library of Latvia, December 10-11, 2015

December 10th
Introduction 12.00-12.45
Simon Drewsen Holmberg, Director of the Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, DK
Hans Brask, Ambassador, Royal Danish Embassy, DK

Voices from the real world: A labor migrant and a refugee tell stories from their European experiences
Viola von Cramon, Chairman of the board of the International Sonnenberg Association, DE
Intro by Mana Balss: Introduction of Participatory Democracy Concept in Latvia and at the conference, LV

Module 1 (12.45-13.45)  Labor Migration and the Baltic States    
Voices from the real world: Baltic Labor migrant
Introductions by:
Mihails Hazans, Professor, University of Latvia, LV
Natalja Mickevica, European law and policies expert, Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia, LV
Daiva Kvedaraite, European Economic and Social Committee Bureau Member, LT

Module 2 (14.15-15.45) EU and the Refugee Crises    
Voices from the real world: Syrian Refugee
Introductions by:
Urmas Paet, Member of the European Parliament, EST
Maria Golubeva, Head of migration policy program, Providus, LV
Olga Procevska, Communication researcher and entrepreneur, LV
Roberts Zile, Member of the European Parliament, LV

Module 3 (15.45-16.30) GROUP DISCUSSIONS
Mana Balss brush-up
LABOR MIGRATION: Social and economic advantages and disadvantages of labor migration.
Remittances in a social and economic context. Circumstances concerning repatriation.
REFUGEES: The redistribution of refugees within the EU. The social and economic challenges of integration.

17.30-22.00 Dinner and Outreach-Event

December 11th
Module 4  (9.30-11.30) Refugees and Labor Migration – Within the European Framework of Today
Introductions by:
Ole Aabenhus, MyEurope-project coordinator, DK
Jan Widberg, Director of the Nordic Council of Minister’s Office in Latvia, SE
Mihails Hazans, Professor, University of Latvia (TBC)
Juozapas Mindaugas Preiksa, European Movement Lithuania, LT
Dmitri Burnasev, Director of Integration and Migration Foundation Our People, MISA, EST
Milda Ezerskyte, Integrationsnet, A part of Danish Refugee Council, LT
Deniss Hanovs, Professor of Intercultural Communication, Riga Stradins University, LV

Module 5 (11.30-12.30) Concluding Module              
Mana Balss; Democratic engagement in Europe and suggestions from the conference
Group discussions    
Possible solutions/New initiatives    
Plenum discussion

Module 6 Online Webinar


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