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Getting to know TINA

Today's European Union is modelled on TINA - the idea that There Is No Alternative to neo-liberalism, free markets and capitalist globalization. The result has been a weaker Europe, said Bernard Naron at the Dutch My!Europe conference.

klaas van egmond

Follow-up to My!Europe?

A Dutch group has written a memorandum on Europe and proposes a follow-up conference to the My!Europe project.

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"Europe's heart and soul"

At the My! Europe conference in the Netherlands, participants were invited to write a letter to the next conference or the EU. One of the participants writes here on the three protagonists of the EU: Tusk, Juncker and Schulz.


More heart, more education

These were two of the key-words when participants summed up their opinions at the Dutch conference, the last of the six national My!Europe conferences.

Ton W portrait

The Netherlands in Europe: Leader or troublemaker?

Are "euroscepticists" just the usual troublemakers or is their criticism justified? So asks Ton Wachter in this introduction to the Dutch Sonnenberg Meeting 26th-30th October - the penultimate of seven My Europe conferences in seven European countries.

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dutch referendum

The Dutch Ukraine-referendum: Still too much dust in the air!

In the Netherlands, a major problem is the fast growing group of “anti-voters”, writes Ton Wachter about the Dutch "No" to EU's association agreement with Ukraine. Another Dutch referendum is already in the offing, he says – on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Pact with the U.S.

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The Dutch conference

Are the Netherlands a model for Europe or just a querulous nation in Europe – that is the theme for the Dutch My!Europe conference, in October 2016The conference will take...