Final Recommendation

C6b Ever DeeperWe recommend that the European Court of Justice should no longer have the option to refer to the "ever deeper Union" phrase in the treaties, or "the spirit of the law", when presenting their legal arguments for a new verdicts. Instead it should be restricted to reasoning on the basis of existing legislation. Read more here.

C5 Separation of Powers

We recommend that a debate on the future structure of a democratic EU respecting the separation of powers known from most European nation states should be initiated at political, grassroots and academic level. Read more.

C4 Election of the Commission

We recommend that some of the members of the European Parliament – maybe 20 or 25 per cent - be elected through elections across Europe. We call upon NGOs and independent think tanks to start discussions and research on the consequences of different types of cross-border European ballots. More here.

C3 Election of the Commission

We recommend that the individual voters, through the MEPs they elect, shall have a direct influence on the appointment of the new Commission. Read more here.

C2 Natl. Competences

National competences vs. supranational competences. We recommend that in order to bring European law-making closer to the citizen, national parliaments be given a stronger role in deciding if a certain matter should be part of national or supranational competences. Read more here...

C1 EP Initiative

C1: We recommend that the European Parliament should have the right to initiate legislation.

B6 Copenhagen Criteria

B6: Emphasis on the Copenhagen Criteria. We recommend that the European Parliament should be the watchdog to see that all member states respect the Copenhagen Criteria on human rights and the rule of law, as well as the further development of these criteria through the Council of Europe. For this purpose, there should be annual hearings of each member state in the European Parliament. More here...

B5 whistle blowers We recommend that the European Parliament prepare a call, inviting lawyers, jurisprudence researchers and others to present their proposals on how whistle-blowers can be better protected. Read more here.

B4 Balanced lobbyingB4: We recommend European funding to help organisations with a large number of members in several countries, but without adequate financial means, to present their case to the EU in a more professional way. Read more.

B3 lobbyistparency trans

B3: We recommend that existing lobbyist registries should be improved, and that a register should be established for Commission and Council employees, on whom they meet and what is discussed, similar to the one already in place for MEPs. - Read more here.