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B3: We recommend that existing lobbyist registries should be improved, and that a register should be established for Commission and Council employees, on whom they meet and what is discussed, similar to the one already in place for MEPs.

Why this recommendation?

Lobbyism is an integral part of modern society, and any group in society should have the chance to present its case. The question is how we can make sure that lobbyism is made transparent at all times, and how we can balance lobbyism with inputs from a wider group of interested parties.

Today lobbyist-registration in Parliament and in the Commission is voluntary, and there are no proper sanctions for not submitting proper information. To make lobbyist registration effective, it has to be combined with a register for the EU institutions on who meets whom, where, when and on what.


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This is one out of "20 Recommendations For More Democracy in Europe", prepared by seven conferences in seven EU countries - Denmark, Latvia, The Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Bulgaria and The Netherlands, in that order. The final document was prepared by representatives of all 7 conferences at The International House Sonnenberg in the Harz Mountains, Germany.

The My!Europe project will present one recommendation every day until Christmas, with a final overview on Dec 24.
To read the full text go to www.myeurope.today/important-pages-2

We think that these recommendations for change are extremely important for the future of Europe. What do you think? Your opinion counts.



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