B4 Balanced lobbyingB4: We recommend European funding to help organisations with a large number of members in several countries, but without adequate financial means, to present their case to the EU in a more professional way. As such funding will necessarily have an experimental character at the outset, a review every five years by the European Parliament should look into the balance of lobbying between capital-intensive interest groups and important civil society groups.

Why this recommendation?

The need for stronger representation of citizens' interests is clear. While business organisations of all types have strong representation and hire well-established lobby firms to serve their interests, ordinary citizens' roles as consumers, employees, students, children, women, men etc. etc. are less privileged.

We recommend a model, which needs further development, and which should be put under review every fifth year.


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This is one out of "20 Recommendations For More Democracy in Europe", prepared by seven conferences in seven EU countries - Denmark, Latvia, The Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Bulgaria and The Netherlands, in that order. The final document was prepared by representatives of all 7 conferences at The International House Sonnenberg in the Harz Mountains, Germany.

The My!Europe project will present one recommendation every day until Christmas, with a final overview on Dec 24.
To read the full text go to www.myeurope.today/important-pages-2

We think that these recommendations for change are extremely important for the future of Europe. What do you think? Your opinion counts.



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