B5 whistle blowers

B 5: We recommend that the European Parliament prepare a call, inviting lawyers, jurisprudence researchers and others to present their proposals on how whistle-blowers can be better protected.

Why this recommendation?

Whistle-blowing is an essential element in modern, complicated society for assuring transparency. It is also a difficult issue as it involves shared loyalties – towards your employer and towards society. We consider it part of human rights that any employee can act on his/her own understanding of right and wrong, and if necessary go against the command of his or her employer.

Sorting out a code of rights for the whistle-blower as well as a code of protection takes judicial expertise. As a first step, the European Parliament should make a call to obtain a range of views on how to proceed.

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This is one out of "20 Recommendations For More Democracy in Europe", prepared by seven conferences in seven EU countries - Denmark, Latvia, The Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Bulgaria and The Netherlands, in that order. The final document was prepared by representatives of all 7 conferences at The International House Sonnenberg in the Harz Mountains, Germany.

The My!Europe project will present one recommendation every day until Christmas, with a final overview on Dec 24.
To read the full text go to www.myeurope.today/important-pages-2

We think that these recommendations for change are extremely important for the future of Europe. What do you think? Your opinion counts.



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