The Sonnenberg movement has a unique history going back to1949, - further than the
institutions of the EU.

The idea was born in a refugee camp in Southern Denmark by Karl Rowold, a German refugee
in Denmark since 1933, and Walter Schulze, a war-time refugee.

They saw that dialogue between normal citizens, respect and understanding across borders were necessary to create a new Europe, so they started an exchange program under primitive conditions to what is today the International House Sonnenberg.

The Sonnenberg formula, that emerged during those early camps in the Harz Mountains in Central Germany, was simple and down-to-earth: “Talk together, overcome prejudice, understand one another, act responsibly”.

Today, the Sonnenberg movement has associations or circles in 12 European countries, organized in the International Sonnenberg Association.

The International House Sonnenberg, which is run by the German Sonnenberg Kreis e.V., has
trained approx. 200.000 persons of all nationalities over the years.

It is the intention of this project to make the Sonnenberg formula serve a catalyst for cross-border understanding and grassroot action in today’s Europe.

In the MyEurope project, three partners have joined the Sonnenberg movement - the German Teacher's Association of Bulgaria, the Pardubice University in the Czech Republic, and the Danish Cultural Institute for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, in Riga.

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