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Claiming more democracy in a more social Europe. The My!Europe Web Magazine is part of a cross-border project active in seven different countries and on the web. Join us!

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Postcards from Riga

Looking back at the Riga conference on Dec. 10-11, two things stand out in my mind: The postcards, and the evening event…. Read here what was on the mind of some of the 140 mostly young participants

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The Dutch conference

Staat Nederland model voor Europa of is het maar een klagerig Europees land - dat is het thema van de Nederlandse My!Europe conferentie in oktober 2016.

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A strong union, where we can participate


Refugees, migration and democracy were the basic themes of the second My!Europe conference, held in Riga, Latvia. Many felt that populist politicians are often out of touch with the people. To get the gist of the conference watch a 32-minutes video from the summing-up video, or read a point-for-point resumé.

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Mel Gibson hamlet 6

To be or not to be – a sovereign people

The No’s had it, 53 to 47, when the Danish people voted on cancelling one of her old opt-outs in order to join Europol. But all political parties want to join Europol anyway. So, the question today is: What was the referendum really about? Sovereignty?

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Ortel 2 kopi

Tschechien: Europäische Migrationskrise wird heftig diskutiert

Auch in Tschechien wird über die europäische Migrationskrise heftig diskutiert, das Thema ist alltäglich in jedem Medium omnipräsent und zwar auf allen Ebenen, schreibt Jan Capek in eine Präsentation von Meinungen elf tschechischen Studenten

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danish flag

Another Danish ”No” ahead?

Dec. 2 we wrote: According to opinion polls, a majority of Danes will vote No in a referendum tomorrow. All parties agree that Denmark should stay in Europol and join the rest of EU in the judicial field (except for asylum matters). But a majority prefer state-to-state negotiations instead of fully joining the European process.

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Top of Europe?

Economic growth in the Baltics – the Northern part of the EU, comprising all the eight EU-countries around the Baltic Sea – is more or less stagnating. This is the conclusion of the annual “State of the Region” report presented Monday in Copenhagen. The term “Top of Europe” about the Baltics has got a different ring to it.

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Juncker a19nov15

Juncker points to two-speed Europe

"One day we should rethink the European architecture”, the European Commission President said at conference in Brussels yesterday. He also announced that "common, minimum social rights to be applied in all member states" shall be prepared before Summer next year.

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ManaBalss video cover

10.000 online signatures may change a law in Latvia

In Latvia, if you want an issue to be debated in Parliament or a law amended,
go get 10.000 signatures through Latvia’s 4-year old system for digital participation.

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Blackheads wiki

Personal stories to open conference

The My!Europe conference in Riga in December will be short, but innovative. And there will be a visitor’s programme for foreign guests.

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Hasso Rosenthal Bornholm Aug2016

Flüchtlingspolitik – Brauchen wir einen Plan?

“Flüchtlinge stellen die Aufnahmeländer vor große Aufgaben”, so die Einleitung von ein Gedicht von Hasso Rosenthal.

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Riga Library meetRiga

Refugees and labor migration – 
a Baltic perspective on Europe

The next My!Europe conference will take place in Riga on Thursday 10 and Friday 11 December. In the words of the organiser: We want to create a platform for discussions and knowledge sharing on one of the most striking and challenging topics for the EU at the moment.

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margaret thatcher has died

New Blog Post

Let Europe be a family of nations, understanding each other better, appreciating each other more, doing more together but relishing our national identity no less than our common European endeavour.

Let us have a Europe which plays its full part in the wider world, which looks outward not inward, and which preserves that Atlantic community—that Europe on both sides of the Atlantic—which is our noblest inheritance and our greatest strength.

Margaret Thatcher, Bruges, 1988

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Europe Electric NASA

My!Europe 2016 - a calendar

The My!Europe project will run six conferences in five different countries in the coming year, all sponsored by the EU’s Europe for Citizens programme. To choose, which one(s) to go to, click here.

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Library Google

Take part in Riga conference LIVE

By Ole AabenhusHosting the second My!Europe conference on Thursday and Friday, the Danish Cultural Institute in Riga will stream the entire proceedings as well as the following webinar.

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Janusz Korczak ghetto film

My European Dream

Let´s establish a declaration of rights for civil society, focusing on common welfare, especially for our children, writes Heide Manhartsberger, Austria.

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ImmiCreation FOR

Should artists contribute to the discussion on the refugee and immigration?

As part of the My!Europe project  the Danish Cultural Institute in Riga has hosted a debate on the role of artists in the ongoing discussion on immigration and refugees. Three video clips give the gist of the debate.

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Of course

orstrom moller2 7 39x6 47cm

The more we push muslims, other religions, and races out of society, the easier it becomes for IS or like-minded groups to recruit against us. If we send the signal that we do not like them, will not know of them, will see them as enemies, they will turn against us. Of course.

Jørgen Ørstrøm Møller,
Danish diplomat

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hannah arendt ap img

Verantwortung heißt im Wesentlichen zu wissen, dass man ein Beispiel setzt, dem Andere folgen werden. In diesem Sinn ändert man die Welt.

Hannah Ahrendt

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How can artists and creative minds contribute to the discussion on the refugee and immigration crisis? Should they? This is the theme for a debate in Riga, Latvia, on Friday - as a forerunner for the next My!Europe conference

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