Send photos, please

Fotografer google

We appreciate good photographs, specially if they are truly excellent.

Please note, that picture files should be rather large, so the original version
straight out of your camera will probably be the best to use.

You send your photo by email to, att. Ole Aabenhus.
You could also use Dropbox, WeTransfer or other, but make sure that I get a

Please indicate your name - to be used for accreditation, as well as country. 

We distinguish between two types of photographs:

1. Those taken during a conference or other arrangement related to the My!Europe project.
Here we would normally be interested in 10-12 shots. Shots taken in daylight would probably
be the best. Please make sure you have faces and not only necks in most of your shots.

2. Motives that indicate "Europe" one way or another.
They could be landscapes or attractions and a lot of other things.

Please note that we use very broad pictures on all top-pages. So, when you have a chance,
point your camera at a motive that can be cropped down to just a horizontal slice of what you actually see.